Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Hulk Goes Ape In NYC

Watched "The Incredible Hulk" on DVD recently.
Thought it was a solid effort, with CG that
reminded me of Peter Jackson's "King Kong"
in some spots. There's a sequence with
the Hulk and Betty Ross that reminded
me of the sunset sequence in Kong.

Add this movie to the growing list of
cinematic smash 'em ups in NYC (all three
Spider-Man movies, Cloverfield, I Am
Legend to name a few.)

Some nice nods to the TV series,
such as Bill Bixby appearing on television
in Bruce Banner's Brazilian apartment, Lou
Ferrigno making a quick appearance, along with
the haunting "Lonely Man" theme in the
soundtrack. I also thought I heard a
campus reporter referred to as "McGee".

A brief reference to purple stretch pants
was funny, and a close-up of Banner's
glowing green eyes during transformation
brought back memories of the TV series
as well.

This past summer Hulk was the id,
Iron Man the ego. Perhaps we'll see
Captain America as the super-ego soon?

Marvel Studios seems to be on a roll,
but I'm still looking forward to the
"Watchmen" along with Frank Miller's
version of "The Spirit".


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