Saturday, October 18, 2008


October 18th is "Home Movie Day" for many people
around the world. This occasion celebrates
the classic 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm films that
families produced during the past 40 years.
These movies have chronicled epic birthday parties,
breathtaking trips to the beach or Disney World and
other life events. Inevitably there was a lot of waving
at the camera because the films lacked sound.

One of the most fun parts of watching a home
movie was rewatching it backwards after the
film had ended. This is hard to simulate
with modern video cameras, because a celluloid movie's
playback is at the correct frame-rate, not "rewound" or
"fast forwarded" like video, which loses frames.

A cool example would be someone diving into a
pool. Backwards, the person emerges from the
water like a missile from a submarine.

Here is a link to the official HMD website for the
whole world:


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