Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dangerous Daze

Finally had a chance to dig into Blade Runner:
The Final Cut 4 disc set that I got for Christmas.
I considered asking for the 5 disc Blu-ray version
(even though we don't have a BD player yet) because
the price would have been comparable for either
item on!

I skipped to the second disc to view the making-of
stuff, which interests me quite a bit. I knew
that there was plenty of controversial bickering
and arguing between everyone involved, but
other stuff came to light as well:

*One of the original working titles for the movie:
"Dangerous Days"

*Dustin Hoffman was considered for the Rick Deckard

*The top of the police station was a model part
reused from "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:
Extended Cut"--interior of the mothership

*All the effects were in-camera or optical--
matte paintings, multiple passes, models,
miniatures--refreshing to see looking back
in an age of pixellated polishing

*Edward James Olmos concocted the city speak
language on his own, mixing many dialects
including Hungarian

*Rutger Hauer ad-libbed the "Tears In Rain"
ending line for his rooftop requiem

I'm intrigued by the "work print" that is
included on disc 5 of the other Ultimate
Collector's Edition--worth another $30.00?
Oh right, there's a metal briefcase included
as well.

I also watched the first disc--The Final Cut--
and it looks and sounds excellent on Standard
Definition. The Vangelis score alone is
worth the investment.

I hope Blade Runner is unable to be cloned--
there isn't a need for a remake considering
the four versions of the movie to choose from.
Maybe something will be improved upon in the
future Green or Yellow-ray editions.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Apology To Hyperlinks

Sorry, hyperlinks; you're cool.

I think I've just heard the
words "Britney" and "Spears"
strung together on the news
one too many times, and it
caused some side-effects,
including the need to diss
non-living objects.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hyperlinks Stink

I don't like to hyperlink sites
I refer to.

I have found myself reading other
Blogs, clicking on a link and then
not returning to read the rest of
the post.

That seems rude.

Perhaps I'll put any links at the
bottom of text--but then there's
the temptation to skip ahead, click
on the link and move on.

Cutting and pasting never hurt anyone.

"Switch off the mind and let the heart decide..."

I've been reading Thomas Dolby's Blog for the past few
years, and I'm always struck by his down-to-(flat)

For example, he recently purchased an old lifeboat
to convert into a studio. Not a yacht, or some other
million-dollar sailing behemoth, but an ancient wooden

The purchase and transportation of said craft
is chronicled a few posts back, here:

He still performs and releases albums, and always
surprises his Blog readers with clever posts and
official and fan photos.

Make a habit of checking out his site this year!