Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Little On The Lot

I really hoped that the show "On The Lot" was
going to be ultracool. It had potential. It
had Steven Spielberg, who has done some
excellent things in the past. It was just
so disappointing.

The series has been finished for several
weeks now, and I've been thinking
about ways it could've been better:
*Guest directors/judges bring along a clip
of a student film or movie from early in
their career.
*Contestant's movies could be shown in
an actual theater, with the director
in the crowd (like a test screening).
*Find a way to avoid the whole "American
Idol" Vote For Me close-up, with the
contestant's number on the screen,
while the director apes the phone-hand
and holds up their number in fingers.
*Have judges visit the sets, and rate
different categories for the directors--
technical skills, patience, organization
*Give the directors a budget, to determine
if they can come in under/over.
*Fox should have broaccast the show in
true HD vs the vertical letterboxing

I guess I liked it better the first
time when it was called "Amazing Stories."


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