Friday, May 04, 2007


A few interesting animated DVD offerings,
coming soon for rental/purchase:

*Arthur and the Invisibles--May 15, '07
Computer-generated effort from Luc Besson
(he could've taken the easy road with
Leon--The Professional 2 or The Sixth
Element...) The publicity photos
make the characters look Trollz-like.
Could a big-screen Smurfs movie be
far off?

*Afro Samurai--May 22, '07
Samuel L. Jackson lends his voice to
a cool animated character--again (see
also "The Boondocks")

Releases will include an "Edited" version
(as seen on SPIKE TV)and a "Director's Cut".

*Highlander--The Search For Vengeance--
June 5, '07
Any Highlander incarnation is welcome at
this point. The anime format should win
over those who doubted the series'
longevity, or turn their stomach like
a meal of haggis.

*Hellboy:Blood and Iron--June 12, '07
Have you watched the previous animated
Hellboy release yet? Missed both of the
Cartoon Network airings? Catch them
both on DVD (perhaps there will be a
two-pack packaging for purchase).

Listen for Doug Jones' voice as Abe
Sapien, and also his unique blend of
mime and the macabre in "Pan's Labyrinth"
(May 15, '07) and as Galactus' herald
in "Fantastic Four:Rise Of The Silver
Silver" (June 15, '07).


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