Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thomas Dolby on Tour

Thomas Dolby is currently on TOUR!

Thanks to Joe for the heads-up.

Check out the cool T-shirt/poster design!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

MySpace--The Final Frontier?

To prepare for my next album, "Free Refills On Mars," I signed-up at
MySpace. I wanted to just appear in the Music section, but I messed
up and appear in another part too-- Music Other section

This will probably be the next Geocities/Graffiti/Yahoo/AOL/MSN/
ICQ-type web presence for me (filling in useless fields: Who would
you most like to watch eat dog food? What is your favorite visible
color? What bands have you wasted good money on only to sell
their CDs at a yard sale?)

Meaning I will forget the log-in eventually, and it will just be another
chunk of data taking up room on a server somewhere.

My dream goal: I would love to write the music for Japanese
commercials, or maybe create ringtones (one of the last modern
vestiges of MIDI) or holding music for AT&T.

As a hobby, maybe.

If anyone would like to fill up the pages with all sorts of "cool clutter"
comments, feel free! ("Trepanning should be brought back, it rocks!"
or "I think Metallica--the original lineup--rulz, IMHO LOL")

I will be sending out promotional (free) copies of the new CD soon.
Do you want one? Let me know!

Hopefully I can figure out how to get a few MP3s onto MySpace
as well...