Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Recently I realized I haven't written an actual letter to anyone in a very long time. That kind of bums me out, because I used to love scribbling correspondence to others. Plus it was great to actually get mail back--e-letters tend to be tossed off and underwhelming.

Some ways I'd like to start using the postal service again:

*McDonald's is starting their Monopoly game again, and I'd really like to win something (besides a burger or two). It would be cool to set-up a network with others in the USA, and send missing game pieces back and forth. Obviously you'll horde the best properties for yourself. It just seems like it would level the playing field if everyone shared, and a lot of more people might win things that way. Does anyone know of folks putting the game pieces on eBay? If I end up with six Marvin Gardens, I'll send out five, no charge! Who is with me? Let's beat the system and win!

*Postcards--there isn't an equivalent in the electronic world. Perhaps someday Disney World will have kiosks set-up so you can send out cards whilst on vacation. They could be personalized--carry around a reusuable digital camera, transfer the pics to the kiosk, grandparents can print out the results. I've noticed postcard vendors at antique shows; their collections are impressive.

*Musical collaboration--I'm working on my next "album," and I feel like I'm hermetically sealed from others' input. I go to work, arrive home, work on a few tracks, come up with a few tunes. I miss the days when I had all my musically inclined friends around to help refine my efforts. If you are interested, I will send you a CD in the mail (standard audio or MP3) for FREE! You can e-mail back with ideas or criticism. How about lyrics or vocals--those are not my forte. There is nothing to buy; you will not experience any side-effects such as nausea, shingles or blurred vision. Perhaps some drowsiness may occur (my music tends to be sedate vs. jarring) but how will you know if you don't act now? File transfers are OK, but getting stuff in the mail is fun!

The post office awaits...


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