Friday, July 22, 2005

I've Forgotten To Laugh

The world has been woven with surreal sights and sounds for me recently.

1. Teenagers Laughing
I wish that things were still giggly-funny. Walking around in the mall, I passed many gaggles of giddy youngsters. They erupted in bursts of laughter, like Handel's Messiah written for chucklers. I wondered what could cause this, and then I remembered back--single words repeated, with secret double-meanings; the nervousness of youthful infatuations; being able to blame everything on overbearing parents. What have I become? Old.

2. Two Diners At A Restaurant
A couple was seated at a small table in a local eatery. Both of them had meals in front of them. One diner was consuming their food, while the other was talking on a cellphone. Not just a quick, to the point conversation. A rambling, switching ears to relieve pressure discourse. I watched as the eater finished their food, and sat quietly waiting for the talking to cease. For some reason this seemed funny--I should quiz the #1 group to see if they feel the same.

3. Witchcraft Celebrations
I went to Barnes and Noble on Friday July 15th to experience the pre-Harry Potter hullabaloo. It was a scene similar to Halloween (one of my favorite holidays), but with less candy. Some children in costume were getting impatient, and rolling around on the floor, others were in various states of agitation. I looked for the Cliff's Notes on Arthur Miller's The Crucible, but couldn't find it. Perhaps Cliff has been usurped by another literature taxidermist. I hope Greek mythology finds favor with the public next--perhaps polytheism isn't as endearing, though. It is comforting to know people will be buying the books, not burning them. It seems like folks were incinerating Dixie Chicks albums awhile back. That sounds funny now.

Laughter is the best medicine, but I have lost my prescription.


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