Monday, June 20, 2005

Welcome To Earth!

At 9:19 am on June 19 my brother's wife had a baby boy!

It is amazing to interact with a fresh passenger of Earth.

Congratulations to the new parents.

Welcome aboard, Eli!

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Lee Of The Stone

Recently I began wondering about certain celebrities/icons, and why I haven't seen them in the "news" recently. This is in contrast to those that are in a constant "cud" form, being regurgitated and existing in a bland state for many years. I know my favorite stars of old need to eat and make a living--what are they doing?

I respect the fact that some former celebrities want to remain out of the spotlight, while others appear on "Hit Me Baby One More Time" (a recent show on NBC) and VH1's "The Surreal Life".

I did some research to gain insight on those individuals or properties that for some reason I think are cool, but presently no one else does:

Thomas Dolby has been releasing albums for years, but few people can name his more recent ones (does 'Astronauts & Heretics' ring a bell?) His website is rather neat. He has a company that is involved in cellphone ringtones and Thanks to Vard for sending along an article! On the Flat Earth Society site, he offers an address so that musicians can send him their work. He also says that there is no way he can respond to everyone, so I just have to imagine him with headphones on, jamming to my "Mars Rocks!" album (surrounded by test tubes?)

Ryuichi Sakamoto is an excellent Japanese composer, who has won an Academy Award (for "The Last Emperor") and was also a founding member of YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra). I listened to his soundtrack for "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" on tape for hours (thanks to auto-reverse). Here's his website. Wikipedia states he divorced his wife Akiko Yano in 2002--I didn't realize he was married! He did music for a short-lived TV show "Wild Palms" as well,
and some Brian De Palma movies.

Some other interesting composers/musicians:
Jane Siberry --formed her own production company (to avoid bargain bins?)
Howard Jones--not the hotel chain
Wendy Carlos--who can forget the stirring music of "TRON"?

Erno Rubik's Cube was more than a toy for me in the early 80's--it was an obsession.
What is he up to now? Why don't we have "Rubik's Toilet Seats" or "Rubik's Rotisseries"?
(for some reason I think of Ron Popeil as being the anti-Rubik). Rubik is still creating puzzles and

This summer, the cineplexes will be filled with acid-reflux movies--haunting reminders of ideas that Hollywood has swallowed before. I'm thinking of "Bewitched", "The Honeymooners", "The Dukes Of Hazzard", "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", "The Bad News Bears", "The Longest Yard", "The Fantastic Four" (there was a previous movie made!) and "The War Of The Worlds".

For some reason there are a few "lima bean" properties that Hollywood has a hard time swallowing:

The Silver Surfer--I remember seeing Terminator 2 in 1991 and thinking "The Silver Surfer movie can't be far off". For some reason The Incredible Hulk and Man-Thing (check out Amazon, there's a movie!) have been digitally rendered for film ahead of Norrin Radd (not that I'm ungrateful).

Doc Savage--no one has any ideas for "The Man Of Bronze"? Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't come to mind? Doctor Clark Savage Jr. was the "surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, musician" (thanks Wikipedia) precursor for Buckaroo Banzai and The Venture Bros(Adult Swim). I guess no one else read the books--at least not movie producers.

Who among us can convince Bill Watterson that we really desperately need some sort of "Calvin and Hobbes" fix?

Garfield had a major movie made about him, and not the Bloom County gang? Opus and Bill the Cat are much cooler.

Who wants to begin chanting with me: "Aeon Flux--The Movie, please be good!"

Side note--what happened to Virtual Reality? The XBOX and PS2 don't come packaged with head-mounted displays. The local Hot Topic is probably more immersive than any VR set-up I've seen (I employ the "clueless spectacled white man" avatar in that particular clothing store). I'm thinking of getting a "Vote For Pedro" shirt at some point, though.

Send me other names of people/places/things that have been unjustly forgotten! The ones that even the "Where Are They Now?" shows don't cover. I will try to research them, and give them the credit they deserve.

I guess I'm resigned to another summer of predictability.

Where's the Pepto Bismol?