Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Revenge Of The Skip

Listening to "Revenge Of The Sith" soundtrack right now, which I purchased today (included a bonus DVD!)

I'm still convinced that this movie will be "good" to many, versus the few or the one. It will be nice to squelch all the nay-saying, too.

Some other pop culture items that folks are still wasting time grumbling about:
*"The new Classic Coca-Cola formula just isn't the same as the old 'classic' Coke flavor"
*"You have the DVD version, but it's not available on VHS? Inconceivable!"--embrace the disc
*"The Atari VCS (2600) was the ultimate video gaming system"
(I have one; it gets old pretty quick)
*"Twinkies are smaller than they used to be" (I agree on this one)
*"The classic horror movies were scarier than today's fare" (not always true)
*"Jolt cola was better than any Red Bull or Full Throttle energy drink" (I liked Jolt cola, so I agree)
*"Full screen is better than widescreen" (okay, walk around with a paper bag over your head with a square cut out to see life through, and let the pan-and-scanning begin)
*"Erasable ink pens should make a comeback" (no way--remember the hand smudge?)
*"Hollywood is tapped out of original ideas" (Could be? Become part of the solution!)

I think it would've been cool if George Lucas released the Revenge Of The Sith soundtrack on vinyl--two records, of course! The sleeve would open up and have a bunch of stills and notes on the new movie, with Vader's helmet laser-etched on the discs. This would satisfy those who crave the old days, before the dark time, before the special editions.

He could also release the entire first trilogy (original versions) on Betamax cassettes, specially marketed to those who fear change.


Blogger Ken Collins said...

Now that it is almost over, there is now a new website thanking George Lucas for 27 years of Star Wars to present 1,000,000 signatures and stories to him later this summer. Look at http://www.thankyougoerge.com

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