Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fun With Google

I was concocting a game based on Google results the other day. This has probably been explored by other Blogs, but here's my premise:

Two players use Google to battle each other
in two separate searches.

Using a six-sided die, you determine the
type of your search selection--

A typical game:
I rolled a "1"--Opposites. I chose "Love" for my search. I had 266,000,000 entries found. My opponent chose "Hate," which resulted in 31,500,000. Kevin: 1 Nivek: 0

Nivek rolled a "3"--Symbiosis. He chose "Sex"--317,000,000; I picked "Disease"--113,000,000. Kevin: 1 Nivek: 1

I rolled a "2"--Mythos. I chose "Yoda"--1,800,000. Nivek decided on "Chewbacca"--425,000.
Kevin: 2 Nivek: 1

Nivek rolled a "5"--Persona. He used his name--"Nivek," which had 48,200 results. "Kevin" produced 39,300,000. Kevin: 3 Nivek: 1

I rolled a "4"--Synonyms. I decided on "www."---4,490,000,000 (the number one entry was Nivek used "http://"--1,360,000,000 (the number one entry was Kevin: 4 Nivek: 1

Nivek rolled a "1"; "God"--133,000,000. Kevin picked "Satan"--6,600,000 (it's true!)
Kevin: 4 Nivek: 2

Kevin rolled a "2"; "Scheherazade"--254,000. Nivek, "Sinbad"--873,000
Kevin: 4 Nivek: 3

Nivek rolled a "3"; "Truth"--51,400,000. Kevin, "Lies"--30,600,000
Kevin: 4 Nivek: 4...

And the fun never stopped!

Some other interesting results:
"Fact"--148,000,000 vs. "Fiction"--64,800,000
"Jabberwocky"--268,000 vs. "Snark"--576,000
"Life"--596,000,000 vs. "Death"--117,000,000

Let me know about any variations you've discovered/played!

Is there really any other use for the results past the first few pages of a Google search?


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