Monday, December 29, 2008

35 years of 'Hearts of Space'

Today I was informed by NPR that the weekly "space music"
program 'Hearts of Space' was celebrating its 25th year
on the air. The show officially began in 1973, but was
not syndicated until 1983.

I remember listening to the show at night
during summers spent in New Jersey. It definitely
showcases sleep-inducing music most of the time, without
the sleepwalking side-effect of Ambien. It also doesn't
always have a clear message or agenda. Sometimes it is nice
to listen to music that doesn't pummel you, punish your
ears or push you into slaying small animals.

Host Steven Hill has hypnotic interludes between
songs, flatly informing the audience about songs
and artists.

Some artists that I've been introduced to on 'HOS':
*Philip Glass
*Andreas Vollenweider
*Oystein Sevag
*Brian Eno
*Isao Tomita
*david torn
*Ryuichi Sakamoto
*George Winston

Steven Hill and 'Hearts of Space', thanks for
lulling people into deep space and deep sleep
for the last 35 years!


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