Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eye Candy For Halloween

Here are some suggestions for odd, strange
and interesting movies or shows that might
go well with Halloween, along with other

Mad Monster Party-1968
Directed by Jules Bass

The original stop-motion
nightmare that came before
Christmas. Maybe more of
a fever dream than a

Look for "Monster Squad" as
an alternate if you can't find
this one.

Directed by John Woo

Not really related to the
season, but does involve
mask-wearing, so to speak.

Look for Nicolas Cage in "8mm" or
"Wild At Heart" as alternates.

The Dark Crystal-1982
Directed by Jim Henson/Frank Oz

The Muppets on mind-altering
drugs. So many practical effects
that still look cool.

If you're tired of this
one, go directly to "Labyrinth".

Directed by Dave McKean

Written by Neil Gaiman, produced
by Jim Henson's company. So many
unique CG effects that look cool.

Go to "Stardust" for a Neil-penned

Directed by Tim Burton

It's not possible to leave
Tim off the list. You've seen
"Edward Scissorhands" enough,

For a more violent Burton, go
to "Sleepy Hollow".

Directed by David Lynch

Like eating a whole bag
of candy corn--do you feel
sick? Possibly a sugar rush?

Go to "Twin Peaks" or "Blue
Velvet" for other brushes with

Return To Oz-1985
Directed by Walter Murch

The definitive Oz movie.

Perhaps "The Neverending Story"
holds more memories for you.

The Fly-1986
Directed by David Cronenberg

More romantic and sad
then you might have
remembered. Still very

Go to "Dead Ringers" or
"eXistenZ" for more trippiness.

Amazing Stories-1985
"Mummy, Daddy" directed by William
Dear (Season 1)
"Go To The Head Of The Class"
directed by Robert Zemeckis (S2)

Go to "Twilight Zone-The Movie"
for more serialized twitchy tales.

The Frighteners-1996
Directed by Peter Jackson

A trick-or-treat bag cross-section.
Comedic, philosophical, gross,

Go to "Dead Alive" for more
funny/gory scares, or "Heavenly
Creatures" for murderers.

Of course there are so many
more. There's always next year.


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