Friday, February 08, 2008

Blues In (H)D

I noticed a
Toshiba HD DVD player
in Circuit City's ad this week
for $149.99, which also includes 7 HD DVD titles.

Very cheap. Very tempting.

Other gadgets that successfully managed to tempt me:
*Sega Genesis in 1991--$129.99
That gets played quite a bit these days--
by dust bunnies.

*Sega CD ROM a few years later--$199.99
It stopped recognizing Sega CDs; currently hibernating in
some box, along with the Menacer, 32X and Activator.

*HiFi VCR in 1994--$229.99
It started eating tapes in the late 90s,
so it was destroyed like a rogue tiger.

*Laser Disc player in the mid 90s--$299.99
It decided to stop recognizing discs in disgust
of my DVD player, purchased in 1999.
What a great price for a paper weight.

I was really eager to buy a MiniDisc player,
but never got around to it. I was watching
the price of one at Walmart, but it was
clearanced out. Now it's probably deep fried
in the oily MP3 crooning of twangy tarts and

A sidenote:
It's strange that our local TV listing still includes
the Plus codes for all the shows--who is still
using that technology?

For some reason the Blu-Ray players haven't
dropped in price at all. I bet Sony's thinking:
"Who's the Beta now?"

Perhaps I'm not as tempted as I thought.


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