Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dangerous Daze

Finally had a chance to dig into Blade Runner:
The Final Cut 4 disc set that I got for Christmas.
I considered asking for the 5 disc Blu-ray version
(even though we don't have a BD player yet) because
the price would have been comparable for either
item on!

I skipped to the second disc to view the making-of
stuff, which interests me quite a bit. I knew
that there was plenty of controversial bickering
and arguing between everyone involved, but
other stuff came to light as well:

*One of the original working titles for the movie:
"Dangerous Days"

*Dustin Hoffman was considered for the Rick Deckard

*The top of the police station was a model part
reused from "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:
Extended Cut"--interior of the mothership

*All the effects were in-camera or optical--
matte paintings, multiple passes, models,
miniatures--refreshing to see looking back
in an age of pixellated polishing

*Edward James Olmos concocted the city speak
language on his own, mixing many dialects
including Hungarian

*Rutger Hauer ad-libbed the "Tears In Rain"
ending line for his rooftop requiem

I'm intrigued by the "work print" that is
included on disc 5 of the other Ultimate
Collector's Edition--worth another $30.00?
Oh right, there's a metal briefcase included
as well.

I also watched the first disc--The Final Cut--
and it looks and sounds excellent on Standard
Definition. The Vangelis score alone is
worth the investment.

I hope Blade Runner is unable to be cloned--
there isn't a need for a remake considering
the four versions of the movie to choose from.
Maybe something will be improved upon in the
future Green or Yellow-ray editions.


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