Friday, July 28, 2006


I read an article recently saying that the
Star Trek animated series will finally be released this
fall/winter. I don't remember many of the episodes
distinctly, but it might be fun to revisit on DVD.
The Amazon page had mention of the series running
from 1973-1975. Has it really been 33 years?

Possible release date: November 21, 2006
4 discs, 22 episodes

* * *

Another animated series that I recall a bit more is
Dungeons & Dragons. I found a page on Amazon showing
a DVD that is available, but I have heard a comprehensive
set is going to be on sale in the fall/winter. It's too bad
there weren't any toy tie-ins for this show. I guess the lead
miniatures that I painted obsessively were as good a toy
substitute as any.

It seems like there was some sort of stink raised by
certain groups when the show first aired. I think
the lead figurines posed more of a hazard.

Possible release date: November 7, 2006
4 discs, 27 episodes


Blogger Unknown said...

I have fond memories of both of these, though the Star Trek ones are a bit hazy... I was pretty young when I saw it. Of course, the D&D one was pretty huge for me. I was a gamer at that time, and I seem to remember "borrowing" elememts from the show into my campaign at the time. Sad, but true.

Here's a quiz: Do you remember a Star Trek parody/homage that had anthropomorphic animals in the roles of the crew? I have vague memories of it -- maybe it never existed, but I seemd to think it did...

8:00 AM  

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