Friday, July 14, 2006

The (Extortion) Ring Must Be Destroyed!

I was looking through some Web articles and noticed a piece
on NEW The Lord Of The Rings DVD releases--scheduled
for August 29th, 2006.

Here is a link to Amazon's write-up of TLOTR: The
Fellowship Of The Ring.

It sounds like there will be two discs in each movie's set.
Disc 1 will be the Extended Edition, Disc 2 the

Each disc will be double-sided, with each side being a
dual-layer (they call it a DVD-18). It also seems that
the viewer will have to flip a disc to continue each movie
(reminds me of the old Side A and Side B on vinyl records).
With the previous Extended Editions there was some
disc swapping going on, so I guess that's not so annoying.

Supposedly George Lucas will be doing this same sort
of sleight-of-hand with his OT Star Wars movies,
on September 12th, 2006.

As if to say, "Those DVDs in your collection,
they're not the versions you're looking for..."

The studios will be eager to see if this sort of trick works,
so they can pull it over and over, with Back To The
Future, The Matrix, The Terminator and others.

It would be cool if George Lucas could ship actual
movie reels in the Episode IV set, because that would
be a closer approximation to how I originally viewed it
in 1977. I would also need my "cool" polyester clothes
back, and an "eye-widener" (a la Clockwork Orange)
to equate the feeling of that first viewing.


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