Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Free GR Wi-Fi

The Grand Rapids Press had an interesting story concerning
free citywide Wi-Fi that will be starting this Spring. There are
several companies that are going to be involved, but the article
didn't specify all of them.

A snippet:

For eight weeks, large sections of Grand Rapids will become free "hot zones" for wireless Internet connections.

It's part of a pilot project in which at least six Wi-Fi companies will try to prove they can build a wireless network that would serve the entire city, said Sally Wesorick, of the city's Information Technology department.

The demonstration, which will run in May and June, will allow each company to show off its technology over a quarter-mile area, Wesorick said.

Each provider will be expected to offer free and open access to its network during the test, she said. "This is a chance for us to see if all these promises the vendors have made to us are true," Wesorick said.


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