Monday, December 13, 2004

Plecostomus Of Society

During this gift-worshipping time of year, I would like to reflect on the humble Thrift Stores/Goodwill shops. These places are cool, because you can find "economical" deals.

I've checked eBay, and that system seems so bogged down and unrealistically priced.

Some recent good "thrifty" finds:

  • A Hi-Fi 4 Head VCR for $10.00
  • An Atari 2600 system/games/controllers for $10.00
  • Cool "alterna-80's" music on cassette for 49 cents each! (my car just has a tape deck)
  • Games that people have tired of--Pictionary, Boggle, Scrabble--may be missing pieces, but many of the big companies will send you replacement items through the mail.
  • Groovy old record albums--a working record player is also needed, unfortunately.
  • Old movie cameras--do they work? I'll have to get some film cartridges someday.
  • Wooden hangers--they're sturdy!
  • File cabinets

These items defy society's notion of what is cool and hip (trendy and expensive), yet have an inherent "nostalgic" appeal. Plus the money is supposed to go to needy folks. How can you go wrong?

Most of the stuff on eBay seems like it was found at garage sales/flea markets/thrift stores anyway.


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