Friday, November 05, 2004

A Pack Rat's Paradise

It's nice that web real estate is cheaper than it once was. For example, Hotmail expanded my Inbox limit to 250MB, and the attachment limit to 10MB. In days gone by, I would get all sorts of wicked backlash when approaching the alotted space for each.

My friend Ed helped me acquire a Gmail account, which is like a basement or polebarn for a pack rat like myself. Thanks Ed!

I am guilty of many e-vironmental sins, such as littering the Information Superhighway with old e-mail accounts, ICQ/Yahoo!/AIM identities, and misdirected e-letters. As penance, I picture myself in a fluorescent orange vest with a magnet on a stick, poking at all my rubbish. The smell of spig roadkill fills the air (where does spam come from? Spigs!) and I return to my tricycle (dial-up connection) to pedal to the nearest exit.


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