Friday, November 12, 2004


I was using the button in the upper-right hand corner of Blogger to
check out other Blogs (NEXT BLOG>>). I was curious about other
people's takes on a Web Log.
  • Is proper grammar essential? Are we being graded?
  • Do people maintain a "phantom" Blog that reveals their truer feelings, knowing that friends and family may be reading their "nice" one?
  • Does anyone like seeing the links? Is it better to link a word? It looks nicer, I guess.
  • I see a lot of "zero comments"--is this typical?
  • Do people suppose others will pay for the book form of a Blog when there has been free access up to that point?
  • Do Blogs satisfy some voyeuristic need in humans?

I came across several Blogs in foreign languages, which was cool. It would be great to have a Blog translator someday, so all pages could be read by everyone.


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